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National University focuses on the important role adjunct faculty have when it comes to achieving academic success while providing centralized support to ensure consistent, fair, and effective hiring and staffing practices. We work in collaboration with our Schools to understand their constantly changing needs by providing oversight of the recruitment, hiring, and staffing of Adjuncts. Our goals are to deliver tools and resources to effectively source, select and hire the best talent, ensure access to key data to drive retention, and implement a professional development infrastructure to increase instructional capacity to engage students and strengthen learning.

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Adjunct Hourly Compensation FAQs

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Faculty SOAR Portal

Faculty SOAR Portal

Adjunct Faculty have access to the Faculty SOAR Portal within Single Sign-On. This portal offers access to academic related tools and resources that faculty use most often:

  • System Alerts

  • Summary of Personal Information

  • Quick Links

  • Class Information

  • Faculty Resources

  • Teaching Resources

  • eForms

  • NU Credentials

  • Payroll and HR

Access Portal

Access Faculty Portal with Single Sign-On


Log into the Single Sign-On (SSO) with your Faculty ID and Password, then click on the Faculty SOAR Portal link (shown below).

SOAR Portal Quicklinks

SOAR Portal Quicklinks


The SOAR portal home page Quicklinks section includes links to the tools that adjunct faculty frequently access. Use the Quicklinks to:

  • Access your contracts

  • View your class information (class times, dates, enrollment)

  • Record hours on your timesheet

  • Access messages and notifications

  • View class rosters and student contact information

  • Access the grade roster to input final grades

SOAR Portal Menus

SOAR Portal Menus

Below the Quicklinks section are a series of expandable menus. To expand a menu, click on the green plus sign to the right of the menu name.

Quicklink menu
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