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This video gives you a brief overview of your online classroom in the Brightspace LMS. Learn how to log in to your course, check announcements, submit assignments, and post to the discussion board.


Getting Started with Brightspace

Accessing Your Course

Get an overview on how to log in to Brightspace to locate your course.

Getting Started with Brightspace

Setting Up Your User Profile

Add a profile picture and personal attributes to your account profile.

Getting Started with Brightspace

Navigating Brightspace

Quick overview of the main navigation features.

Getting Started with Brightspace

Creating Your Profile

Add a profile picture, preferred name, contact information, and more to your personal profile.

Getting Started with Brightspace

Managing Notification Settings

Control how you receive information about course activity by customizing your notifications. Note: Some features shown may not yet be available.

Getting Started with Brightspace

Updating Account Settings

Adjust your account preferences. Note: Some features shown may not yet be available.

Getting Started with Brightspace

Accessing Course Content

View and navigate course materials and activities.

Getting Started with Brightspace

Managing Your Calendar

Personalize your calendar view, add tasks, notes, and reminders.

Getting Started with Brightspace

Getting Started

Assignments and Quizzes

Participating in a Discussion Forum

Learn how to start a new thread in a discussion forum

Participating in Discussions

Interact with your colleagues in class discussion forums.

Submitting an Assignment

Submit course assignments and view feedback.

Resubmitting an Assignment

Overwrite a submitted assignment with a new file. Note: Feature may not be available in all courses.

Quizzes and Exams

Access an exam in your course from the quiz list.

Enrolling in a Group

Self-enroll in a group to collaborate on an assignment. Note: Feature may not be available in all courses.

Troubleshoot - Problems Accessing a Quiz

Common issues that may occur when you attempt to access a quiz.

Assignments and Quizzes

Your Data and Analytics

Viewing Your Progress

Access an overview of your course progress, grades, and feedback.

Viewing Your Grades

Review your grades and feedback using the Grades tool.

Viewing Quiz Results

Review quiz questions, answers, and feedback from your instructor. Note: Feature may not be available in all courses.

Viewing the Class List

Connect via email with your colleagues. Note: Some features may not be available in all courses.

Your Data and Analytics


Turnitin Student Guide

A student guide to using Turnitin when submitting an assignment.

Turnitin Similarity Report

Students can use the Turnitin Similarity Report to improve their work and other writing resources.

Understanding Text Similarity for Students

A quick video for students explaining the key factors on understanding text similarity using Turnitin's Feedback Studio.


Kaltura Media

Downloading Kaltura Personal Capture

Instructions on how to download the Kaltura Personal Capture desktop application.

Creating a Video in Kaltura

An overview on how to create a video in Kaltura.

Adding Kaltura Media to Assignments and Discussions

Learn how to embed your own Kaltura Media videos to assignments and discussions.

Kaltura Media
Zoom Resources

Zoom Video Conferencing

Zoom Quick Start Guide for Students

Quickly Join a Zoom Meeting in Brightspace.

Audio and Video Setup

Select and test audio and video settings.

Participant Controls

An overview of the controls available to participating students in Zoom.

Accessing a Zoom Recording

How to access and play Zoom recordings.


Connect with one of the student support services below.

Academic and Finance Advising Department

(866) 628-8988 / (866) NU-ACCESS ext. 8900

M-F 8:00AM-6:00PM (PST)

  • Admissions

  • Financial Aid

  • Student Accounts

  • Registrar

  • Graduation Info

IT Service Desk Support

  • On-demand technical support (Login, Password, Authentication, General FAQs)

  • Brightspace Troubleshooting

  • Support for integrated NU applications

(888) 628-1567

Hours: 24/7

Student Wellness


  • 12 free sessions of 1-on-1 therapy

  • 24/7 Virtual Mental Healthcare

  • Unlimited access to self-care resources like yoga and guided meditation courses.

​Student Wellness

  • 1-on-1 case management support with personal life matters impacting school

  • Financial wellness and budgeting

  • Housing, financial, and food insecurities.

  • Referrals to university and community resources.

(858) 541-7784

Brightspace Website

Brightspace Student FAQ

Quick answers to the most frequently asked student questions about Brightspace. 

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