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Effective Announcements

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Engaging Students with Announcements

Announcements are an important component of establishing your instructor presence in online courses. Posting an announcement 2-3 times each week can increase learner engagement and success by keeping students informed about upcoming deadlines and available resources. Announcements also offer meaningful opportunities for you to share your expertise and enthusiasm with your students. Check out the resources below for more information about applying the Community of Inquiry framework to your announcements.


Effective Announcements Module

Professional Development Opportunity

This self-paced learning module presents strategies for creating effective announcements in your online courses.

Best Practices for Creating Effective Announcements

Strategies to help create effective announcements that incorporate teaching presence, social presence, and cognitive presence. Includes sample phrases and scenarios that apply the Community of Inquiry framework.

Ideas for Class Announcements

Consider these four different types of announcements as you teach your next course.

COI References

Looking for more information about the Community of Inquiry? Want examples of how COI is used in higher education?

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