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Community of Inquiry

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What is the Community of Inquiry?

The Community of Inquiry framework is one method to explore the ways that instructor presence impacts the student experience.

Components of the Community of Inquiry Framework

Active faculty participation and instructor presence in the online classroom has been found to positively impact student satisfaction, student learning, and student retention rates. As defined by the authors of the framework, there are three components of instructor presence within the Community of Inquiry conceptual framework: teaching, social, and cognitive.

Components of the Community of Inquiry Framework: teaching, social, and cognitive. Tables provide details for each framework.

Applying the COI Framework in the Classroom

How to leave timely and meaningful feedback to students.

Effective Announcements

Best practices for creating announcements to increase student engagement.

How discussion boards provide opportunities to build a class community.

Effective Discussion Participation

COI References

Looking for more information about the Community of Inquiry? Want examples of how COI is used in higher education?

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