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Creating a Discussion

Add a discussion forum to host new topics.

Adding a Topic to a Discussion Forum

Create a new topic to discuss.

Participating in a Discussion

Interact with your students in class discussion forums.

Subscribing to a Discussion

Follow these steps to receive notifications when students participate in discussion forums.

Editing Discussion Settings

Step-by-step instructions on how to modify discussion settings.

Incorporating Video and Media

Adding Images

Insert images and graphics in announcements, discussions, and assignment feedback.

Best Practices for Recording Videos

Consider these best practices as you set-up your recording environment, as you create content for your videos, and practice recording.

Embedding External Videos

You can quickly add external videos to announcements, discussions, and assignment feedback.

Recording Webcam Video Notes

Use Brightspace Video Note to easily record, save, and reuse webcam videos in the same course as well as in
other current or future courses and sessions.

Reusing Video Notes

Once a Video Note has been recorded and published, it can be reused in another place within the
same course, different course, or for a future course.

Video Note Playback and Caption
Editing Options

Lead more about video playback options and how to add automated captions.

Incorporate Video and Media
Group Work

Group Work

Setting Up Groups

Learn how to enroll students in assigned and self-assigned small groups.

Group Enrollment Options

Review the different options for enrolling students in groups.

Student Progress and Retention

Student Progress and Retention

Viewing Class Progress

Track and compare student performance using the Class Progress Tool

Creating Intelligent Agents

Brightspace Intelligent Agents (IAs) are customizable messages that are automatically emailed to students based on criteria that you determine. You can set them up for multiple scenarios such as when students have not logged in to class for a set number of days, have missed a deadline, or have feedback to review.

Conduct a Practice Run (Intelligent Agents)

Find out which students would be identified by your Intelligent Agents without sending email reminders.

Enabling Intelligent Agents

This job aid shows faculty how to find and enable Intelligent Agents that have already been added to their course.

Manually Run an Intelligent Agent

Learn how to manually run an Intelligent Agent, either between times when it has been scheduled to run, or when no run schedule has been set.

Quick Reference Guide

This tool guide provides a basic overview about intelligent agents.

Intelligent Agents Template

These templates outline the recommended settings for each intelligent agent’s intended use case, as well as a sample message, but can be modified as needed.


Curated resources for setting up your Brightspace course.


Curated resources for grading student work in Brightspace.

Brightspace vs Zoom

Zoom Video Conferencing

Accessing Zoom in Brightspace

Using the integrated Zoom feature in Brightspace makes it easier to meet with your students directly in your scheduled course. To access this new integrated feature, please follow the steps below or click on the button to learn more:

1. Login to National University's Single Sign-On (SSO) at

2. On your SSO landing page, access Brightspace by clicking on the D2L Brightspace chiclet

Please Note: do not access Zoom from the main landing page—the Zoom chiclet it is not integrated with your Brightspace course. The Zoom chiclet should only be used for staff or departmental meetings.

​3. Navigate to your current course within your My Courses widget or by clicking on the course selector icon in the top header.

Select Course visual guide
Access My Courses

4. In the blue navigation bar, click on Learning Tools then select Zoom. ​

Learning Tools

Please note: As a best practice, class meetings should only be scheduled and joined directly within the course.

Quick Start Guide

Quickly schedule and start a Zoom meeting in

Scheduling a Zoom Meeting

Instructions on how to schedule a Zoom meeting in Brightspace and enabling settings.

Host Controls

An overview of the 15 host controls available to NU faculty in Zoom.

Audio and Video Setup

Select and test audio and video settings in Zoom.

Recordings and Reports

How to retrieve links to Zoom recordings, pull attendance reports, and polling results.

Zoom Technical Support

Should you need additional support with Zoom, please reach out to the NU IT Helpdesk at or call 1-858-309-3580.

Zoom Video Conferencing

Brightspace Faculty FAQ

Quick answers to the most frequently asked faculty questions about Brightspace.

Brightspace Faculty FAQ


Curated resources for getting started in Brightspace.


Curated resources for grading student work in Brightspace.

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