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Syllabus Overview

A detailed overview on how to utilize the Syllabus Tool. Watch video and download the job aid below.

Posting an Announcement

Learn how to utilize the announcements feature, add release conditions, and schedule announcements.

Deleting and Restoring Announcements

Review these steps to delete an announcement and restore a previously deleted announcement.

Creating a Calendar Event

Create calendar events for quizzes, assignments, and meetings.

Setting Due Dates

An overview of the steps to set due dates for quizzes, assignments, and discussions.

Checking Your Classlist

Access your Classlist to view your roster, student last access dates, and send communications directly to students.

Personalizing Email Signature

How to create a personalized signature block in the Brightspace email tool.

Contacting Students from the Classlist

Use the Classlist feature to contact students directly by email or message.

Emailing Students from a Brightspace Course

Using the Brightspace email feature to communicate with students.

Student View Feature

Temporarily switch your role to view course content from the student perspective.

Brightspace Faculty FAQ

Quick answers to the most frequently asked faculty questions about Brightspace.


Curated resources for getting started in Brightspace.


Curated resources for managing your Brightspace course.

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