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Accessing Your Course

  1. Log in to Single Sign-On (

  2. Click on the D2L tile.

  3. From the Brightspace landing page, locate the "My Courses" widget on the left side of the page.

  4. Click on the course title link to access the course.

  5. For additional information about working in Brightspace, view the resources below.

Brightspace Navigation

Review the main features of the Brightspace learning environment.

Setting Up User Profile

Learn how to create your personal profile within Brightspace. Add a profile picture, preferred name, contact information, and more. 

Notification Settings

Control how you receive information about course activity by customizing your notifications. Note: Some features shown may not yet be available.

Brightspace Faculty FAQ

Quick answers to the most frequently asked faculty questions about Brightspace.


Curated resources for setting up your Brightspace course.

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